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Why Should You Hire an Agency to do Your AdWords?

Focus on your business knowing your advertising campaigns are in good hands!

Our Google Certified Paid Search Analysts have gone through extensive training internally, and are constantly learning new best practices, developing best practices for the auto industry, as well as investing in education and resources to make sure you succeed. Not only are we Google Certified for Google products, we are also well equipped to advertise on your behalf on other advertising platforms (Facebook & Bing).

Get an AdWords campaign that's tailored for your business

To go through the amount of training every one of our Analysts receive would take an inordinate amount of time – time better well spent ensuring the other parts of your business are running effectively. There is also the option to hire someone to handle your AdWords account in-house.

However, that means you’re going to have to find someone with experience – especially if you want the job done right and you don’t want to waste your advertising dollars. If there’s no foundation already in place for an AdWords account, you need to set it up, organize tracking codes, and so much more. And you can’t hire someone with no experience – how would you know if your AdWords account is set up properly?

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Hiring an agency makes even more sense when you think about the time it takes to create image ads, landing pages for promotions, and scheduled reporting to make sure your AdWords account sees success. Without an agency, the management and success of your AdWords account will depend on the amount time you’re willing to invest in it. If you don’t have the time to invest, your advertising investment could be wasted.

Having an agency also ensures that AdWords troubleshooting can be done. We can provide answers to questions and find the root problem or point of success in order to improve your account even further. And if we can’t find an answer we can escalate the issue to find answers within Google.

So to quickly recap, you should hire an agency because agencies will make good on your investment in AdWords. But what should you look for in choosing an agency? Stay tuned for part 2: How to Tell Which Agency Is Right for You.

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