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3 New Ways to Get to Know Your Customer in Google Analytics

It used to be easy to tell who was looking at your vehicles. You could glance over at the people who were strolling through your lot or poking around the showroom and see that your customers were typically male, aged 35 – 44 and liked really big trucks for hunting or fishing (if you’re a typical Dodge dealership in Alberta, for example). But now, it’s a different game. These days, most of your customers are visiting your website before dropping by your dealership. Programs like Google Analytics provide basic (if technical) information about online visitors like their location, operating system, browser and device. While this information is helpful, it only gives us part of the picture. That is, until now.

3 New Google Analytics Audience Demographics

Google Analytics is launching additional Audience Demographics:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Interests

While these new Audience Demographics will not appear automatically on all accounts, you can get this new feature by having your webmaster make this small change in the Analytics code, if your account supports display advertising. Here’s a preview of what the new reports will look like:

Google Analytics Gender Demographics Graph
Google Analytics Age Demographic Graph
Example of the new Interests Category Graph

These new analytics open up a goldmine of information and can answer key marketing and strategy questions:

  • What interest groups make up your highest converting customers?
    • Consider sponsoring events or organizations that they also would attend.
  • Are men or women watching more video on your website?
    • Tailor your content to the type of people who are watching it.
  • Do different demographics or people with certain interests use your website differently than others?
    • How can you make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for?

Use this information to find the customers most likely to convert and target your Google Adwords or other marketing campaigns. Contact Us for More Information

Start Tracking this Information!

  1. Have your Webmaster modify your Google Analytics tracking code.
  2. Update your privacy policy. Google recommends this one: Policy requirements for Display Advertising.
  3. Have your Online Marketing Manager enable Demographics reports in your Google Analytics account.

Not sure if you have a Google Analytics account set up? Check out this video on how to set up Google Analytics for your car dealer website:

Google Analytics, Google Tools

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